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Several years ago I decided to make a career change. I had been roofing in Phoenix AZ for many years and did not feel like I was fulfilling my destiny. I decided to go back to school and become a nurse. And so with my wife Kendra by my side I embarked on a remarkable journey , a journey of changes foreseen and unforeseen. When I began my schooling, nurses in Phoenix were in very high demand, hospital census was high, and sign on bonuses were the norm. Not so when I graduated. So after three months of fruitless searching in AZ, Kendra and I began to research compact states, and decided to apply at Rapid City Regional Hospital in Rapid City South Dakota, where I was eventually hired. The result of this hire was the unforeseen change, we had talked of moving to another area after graduation but did not imagine SD would be where we would end up. However, we fell in love with the area on first arrival. The Black hills essentially began right in town, Deadwood, Lead, Spearfish, the Badlands, Hot Springs, Sturgis, and Mount Rushmore are all just a few miles away. Also, we are fortunate to have a congregation of 70 in Gillette Wyoming, which is only 150 miles west of us.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I love my job and I am DEFINITELY an adrenaline junkie. Although many people know a nurse, not many people realize what it is we do. Yes, I hand out medication and wipe butts, but what I really do is I make a difference, I make a difference in the the quality of your or you loved one's hospital stay, I ease your burdens by showing a confidence I may not feel so you can rest easy, confident in my ability and knowledge. I implement interventions on your behalf to prevent crisis. And when crisis does befall you I, along with my coworkers, began the efforts to save your life. In this environment friendships are formed, bonds of trust are forged under stress.  Yes, I love my job, I am addicted to it. I have learned so much this past year and realize how much I don't know that I am excited to continue this journey and "live the dream", that's our PCU motto "Livin The Dream."

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  1. Glad you're liking your job! Are you looking to relocate? If so, when and where?! Your father and sons camp pics are nice,